Sundays in January

If you missed any of the talks during January you can find them here, or on our YouTube Channel!

Jake comes back with his famous “Kitchen Teaching” titled “Repent Before Return” in this teaching he delves into Revelation 2 and 3 bringing out that Jesus in talking to 7 churches tells 5 of them to repent.



This young man helped with Communion, giving the reading.

James takes us on a journey looking at the life of Abraham and expounds how landmark encounters with Jesus are designed to bring everlasting change in our lives. James expresses how this has taken place in his life

Josh Austin from New Jersey USA brings a message titled "Tracing Out Light". Josh is married to Kelsey, and they have five children. In this fast-moving talk Josh crams in lots of biblical examples where God references light. Josh encourages us in "Tracing Out Light" of Jesus in our lives. Each day being a new beginning.

At the start of this New Year Paul looks back over the Exodus of the Israelites and reflects how we can be tempted like the Israelites in our modern day lives, wanting to go back. 2021 is now past and many of us are looking at going back to life but we must look to what God is doing anew.

Paul explains how God never does the expected and that 2022 is going to be a year of the unexpected, and calls each one of us to have faith, faith that Jesus Christ will always have the very best for His children. Paul talks through the conversion of Saul and that sometimes in life it seems we must have blind faith to take us to the next step in our Christian walk. Saul was taken into Damascus blind. As we step into 2022, we are blind as to what God is going to do, but trust in Him.

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