Join us at 10:00 am each Sunday for our Live Church in Great Horkesley village hall, for our main service of the week. We start the morning with a time of “Meet & Greet” and “How’s Your Week Been?”

10:30 is worship time. Our talk starts at 11am.

We have many different speakers during the year, bringing the Word of God. Do look at our archives to give you a flavour.

Email us for the Zoom link or join us on YouTube

We start at 19:30 (UK time)and leave a good half an hour for meet & greet at the beginning of the service. At approximately 20:00  we worship "together" on YouTube. At 20:20 there is a talk from the Bible.

Email us for the link to join this Zoom service

Join us each Friday during term time at 10am.

We start off with a “Meet & Greet", at 10:30am we follow a link to YouTube for worship, at 11am we listen to a talk that expands on a theme from the Bible.

Closing with prayer at 11:45

Email us for the link to join our Zoom meetings.

Missed out on our latest talk?

Catch up on our latest talk here


New to Church?

If it your first time checking out Freedom Church or you're new to this.....

We're Paul and Karen, team leaders of Freedom Church and we want to be the first ones to welcome you. We'd love to get the chance to have a chat and get to know you a little better, you can either join our Zoom meetings or contact us via the contact form- Simply leave your number and one of us will give you call.