February Update

Zoom Kids

 Pat & Becs have amazing fun with the children each Sunday morning from 9am -10am. Each Sunday they try and bring the Word of God with fun and games. One Sunday they had an egg dropping challenge, the children were allowed to wrap three items around an egg and then drop it from an upstairs window, the idea was to see whose egg didn’t break. There were some startling failures but at least three eggs did not break. The talk afterwards was about how we have to be careful with our heart, beware that it can be broken. 

Feb Zoom Kids


 Liam & Sarah have been meeting with the youth over Zoom and are in the process of starting a course for them aimed at 15 –19 year olds. If you know of anyone in that age bracket who would like to come along (Zoom to start with) please give them our number! 

 Fulfill Your Calling 

 This series is brilliant, and 42 people are taking this time to reflect on where they are and what God is calling them to. We have completed 8 weeks of David’s teaching and it is so exciting to see so many looking to God for direction. The teaching has been concise, challenging and full of wisdom. The Zoom breakout rooms have proved encouraging as they discuss and pray for each other to walk in their calling. 



We are running two Alpha’s currently Monday’s with Colin & Lynn, and Wednesday’s evenings with Karen & Paul. We have had a lovely response from so many people hearing the truths as they investigate the Christian faith. 


We have had an exciting month with Christian, Viki & Jake giving great messages during the month, if you haven’t managed to hear all of them please look on our YouTube channel. I believe that one to go down in the Freedom Church history book is the talk given by Christian on Valentine’s Sunday. 

Feb Church
Feb Church 2


We have finally launched our new website Freedom-Church, we have been so fortunate that Dan from Germany has produced the website for us. We will be updating the site each month with what is coming up. Remember you can get in touch with us in multiple ways, email, Facebook, Instagram and phone (do not worry all the old email address is just transferred to the new one).

Feb website

Thank you so much for reading through our news, and for all your support. We could not do this without you!

We leave you with a scripture that we believe is prudent at this time.

Isaiah 43:19 See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

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